Thursday, March 29, 2012

Bug in 'My IPv6' address listing

There is a bug in the 'My IPv6' function which causes the same IPv6 address to be listed multiple times and also incorrectly labelled as IPv4. Thanks to Jens H for pointing out the bug. I am working to fix it.


Are you ready for 'World IPv6 Launch' on June 6th, 2012?


  1. I dont know if you application work but i cannot make an ipv6 ping from the application and on tcpdump im seeing sync packets instead of icmp. Why?

  2. Thanks for your feedback. Android's API does not provide true ICMP (ping) access to developers. It simulates ping by using the echo protocol on a tcp port (those are the tcp packets you are probably seeing). Is the destination you are pinging behind some firewall or in a different subnet or is it in the local network?